Repair & Maintenance

Our growing team of highly skilled service engineers maintains and repairs equipment and parts supplied by us, by our principals or other suppliers and manufacturers such as

  • Diesel engines: Overhaul of complete engines or parts, repair of connecting rods, cylinder liners, cylinder heads, fuel equipment and more. Together with partners we offer additional services such as „laser cladding“. In addition to this we offer various other repair services for turbo chargers and other equipment.
  • Sewage treatment plants: Repair and overhaul of parts, exchange of parts  and retrofit of complete units during dock or during ship operation.
  • Purifiers: Repair, overhaul and exchange of key parts, bowls overhaul and rebalancing up to size of 30 cm diameter

Our Repair and Maintenance services can be conducted in our own workshop or on board of vessels worldwide with our own riding crew.

Support Material

Please do not hesitate to send your enquiry for any kind of service.